Mission Statement

To build a community where no person is trafficked. To identify and prevent the purchase of human beings. Spreading awareness through education and outreach and connecting those in need of services. Furthermore, provide continued support for pre-release and post-custody female offenders in a safe residential environment to prevent recidivism and homelessness.


One of the first steps to be taken by victims wishing to escape from the control of traffickers is to find a safe and secure refuge. Despite the prospect of continued abuse, many victims choose to stay because leaving can involve more danger and greater vulnerability. The lack of a safe and secure refuge often results in the victims returning to their abusers after an initial escape, because of the fear of violence and the intimidation they are subjected to. It is therefore critical that real and practical options for their safety and security are made available to victims of trafficking.

Population we serve

Our specialized safe haven creates opportunity for a trafficked person by providing high security standards while respecting their right to privacy and autonomy. In general, this involves accommodation facilities with a secret address for presumed trafficked persons who may still be in danger from traffickers. In some circumstances, returned victims of trafficking will be so ill that their need for shelter will be a permanent one.  This is often the case for victims who are seriously ill with hepatitis or HIV/AIDS. These victims may be rejected by their families or communities and have little chance of finding employment or security. Their emotional needs may be great or permanent shelter and support. Safe housing and shelter should be flexible to adapt to different target groups (men, women, children) and individual victims of trafficking with individual needs. 


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